• Unlimited visits and phone calls.
    Superior experience for you and your family.

    • Newborn
      to 6 years
      $125Monthly per child
    • Children
      7 to 18 years
      $70Monthly per child
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    Second sibling gets 10% discount.
    Third sibling and up FREE not to exceed a total of 5 children.

    Fee-for-Service available.

  • Member benefits

    • Extended and detailed appointments with your Pediatrician.
    • Same day appointments.
    • After hour appointments when deemed necessary by your Pediatrician.
    • Phone advice by your pediatrician only.
    • Access to your Pediatrician via email, phone or text 24/7.
    • Minimal to no waiting room time.
    • Virtual appointments: email, text (When appropriate).
    • Extensive patient and family education.
    • Decreased unnecessary Urgent Care and ER visits.
    • Unlimited visits.
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